New song written with Hank Beebe, performed by Paige Siegwardt and Joe McGinty, with video by Dava Whisenant!

New song!

The Bathtubs Over Broadway soundtrack, featuring three original songs written or co-written by Steve as well as many industrial show tunes heard in the movie, is out on iTunes and Amazon, and it’s streaming on Spotify! A double disc vinyl set is coming early in 2020!

Steve has been recording his original songs in Nashville with a crew of world-class studio musicians! Stand by for more info!

The Guy You Know Slightly At Work (with Matt Buechele)

Steve has composed numerous songs for the Late Show and elsewhere.  In “Olive the Other Reindeer,” his lyrics were sung by Michael Stipe and Drew Barrymore.  With Tony-winning composer Stephen Schwartz he wrote a Chanukah song which has become a popular choir selection.

Turkey Processing Song

Unsanitary Manger

The History of the Super Bowl

The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)

This song was not written by Steve: